Bylaws of the

 Addison Circle Community Association




The official name of this organization shall be Addison Circle Community Association, an unincorporated non-profit organization, hereafter referred to as the “Association.”




The purpose of the Association is to provide an organized framework to promote, preserve, and enhance the quality of life in the Addison Circle neighborhood by:


  • Advancingthecommoninterestsoftheneighborhoodinwhichitsmembersreside,own and manage businesses, and own and manageproperty;


  • Disseminating information of interest to itsmembers;


  • Promoting a spirit of community among itsmembers;
  • Establishingaunifiedvoicetomaintainacommunicationlinkwithrepresentativesofthe Town of Addison and other community stakeholderorganizations;
  • CreatingapartnershipbetweenthebusinessesandtheresidentsofAddisonCircleto keep our neighborhood prosperous;and
  • Understanding that a thriving business community supports property values inthe neighborhood and enhances the live-work-play lifestyle of Addison




Membership in the Association is open to residents, property owners, property managers, business owners and business managers within the geographic area bounded to the north by Airport Parkway, to the south by the Amli apartments (Quorum and Edwin Lewis Drive), to the east by Dallas Parkway, and to the west by Addison Road (the “Neighborhood”).


Resident Membership is exclusively available to any household in the Neighborhood, whether owner- occupied or rented.  Membership shall be granted upon application to any member of the Executive Board (defined below), and presentation of a government-issued ID or current utility bill demonstrating residence within the Neighborhood. Each Resident Member household is entitled to only one vote on matters before the Association, which vote may be cast by any member of the household over the age of 18.


Business Membership is open to owners and/or managers of businesses and/or real property located within the Neighborhood. Each Business Member is entitled to only one vote on matters before the Association, which vote may be cast by any duly authorized representative of the Business Member over the age of 18.


Any person or entity with a valid Resident Membership or Business Membership shall be referred to as a “Member” and shall have all the rights and privileges of membership in the Association.




Regular Meetings: General meetings of the Members will be held on such recurring basis as may be determined by the Executive Board.


Special Meetings:Special meetings may be called by the President of the Association, by a majority of the Executive Board, or by a petition containing signatures of at least ten (10) Members.


Notice of Meetings:Reasonable notice of meetings with clearly stated meeting times and locations shall be provided to Members. For purposes of this section, “reasonable notice” shall be seven (7) days or more, and may be established by posting visible flyers throughout the Neighborhood, delivery of emails or other electronic “blast” communication, distribution of printed materials and/or posting on a website and/or Facebook page. “Reasonable notice” shall be required for any Special Meeting and for any change in established schedule of Regular Meetings.


Quorum:A minimum of five (5) Members present at a meeting shall constitute a quorum. Open Meetings:All meetings of the Members are open to all Members.

Voting: Except as otherwise set forth in these Bylaws, all issues shall be decided by a majority vote of the Executive Board.





The elected officers shall constitute the Executive Board of the Association. The Executive Board shall supervise the affairs of the Association in accordance with its stated purpose and policies; set the agendas for the regular meetings; transact any business between meetings of the Association and report thereon at the next meeting; and make recommendations to the general membership on matters before the Association. The Executive Board shall meet as determined by the President, usually monthly. These meetings shall be open to any Members of the Association.  Any unbudgeted expenditure of morethan$500 in Associationfundsshall require a vote of theMembers.




Officers: The officers of The Association shall be the President (or when possible Vice-Chair, Residential and Vice-Chair, Businesses), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to three (3) Directors at Large.


Term:Officers shall serve for one year until their successors are duly elected. Officers may serve additional terms if so elected, and no term limits shall apply.


Eligibility:Any Member of the Association in good standing is eligible for election to office.


Elections:Officers shall be elected at an annual meeting by a simple majority vote of Members present. If no candidate for an office receives most of the votes cast, then the two candidates receiving the most votes shall be placed on a second ballot at the samemeeting.


Nominations:A Member must be nominated to run for an office on the Executive Board. A Member in good standing may nominate him/herself (including any member of his/her household and/or any representative of a Business Member).


Vacancies:In the event the President is unable to complete his/her term, the Vice President shall become the President for the unexpired portion of the term. For other vacancies in offices other than President, the Executive Board shall appoint a Member to fill the unexpired term with a simple majority vote.


Retirement:Upon retirement from office, each officer shall deliver to his/her successor, all records, papers, funds, bank account information and other property belonging to the Association.


Removal From Office:At any meeting of the Members, duly called in accordance with these Bylaws, any Officer may be removed from his/her position by a majority vote of the Members. A successor may then and there be elected to fill the vacant position. Any Officer whose removal has been proposed by the Members shall be given at least seven (7) days prior written notice of the proposed vote for removal, and an opportunity to be heard at the meeting prior to the vote for removal.




President/Co-Chairs: The President/Co-Chairs shall be the principal officer of The Association and shall:


A.PresideatallmeetingsoftheAssociation,includingmeetingsofMembersandofthe ExecutiveBoard.


B.Bethespokesperson/peoplefortheAssociation.TheExecutiveBoardmaydesignateanother Member to serve in this capacity asnecessary.


  1. Appointcommitteechairpersons as neededwithapprovaloftheExecutiveBoardbysimplemajority


Vice President: The Vice President shall:


A.Serve and assume all responsibilities in the absence of thePresident.




  1. Perform all such duties as requested by the President or Executive


Secretary: The Secretary shall:


  • Keep minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the


B.PreserveinfileallrecordsofvaluetotheAssociation,includingacopyoftheseBylaws,as amended from time totime.


  1. Conduct the correspondence of the


  1. MakeavailabletoMembers,uponwrittenrequest,acopyoftheBylawsasamendedfromtime to time, the current operating budget for the Association, the most recent financial report of the Association (including the most recent statement of funds held by the Association), and such other records as the Executive Board may


  1. Perform such other duties as requested by the President or Executive


Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:


  • PrepareanannualoperatingbudgetforapprovalbytheExecutiveBoard


  • Collectmembershipduesandkeeprecordsofpaidmembersshouldduesbe


  1. MaintaincustodyofallfinancialrecordsofTheAssociationanddepositallsuchfundsina bank approved by the Executive


  1. PayallbillsanddistributefundsbycheckonlyuponreceiptofaTheTreasurerand another designated member of the Executive Board must sign allchecks.


  • SubmitawrittenfinancialreportateachmeetingandgiveacopytotheSecretaryshoulditbe deemed necessary to have a bank


  1. Perform such other duties as requested by the President or Executive


Directors at Large: The Directors at Large shall:


A.Serve as chairs of standing committees as appointed by thePresident.


B.Perform such other duties as requested by the President or ExecutiveBoard.




The Association may establish committees as deemed necessary to pursue its stated objectives. MembersofCommitteesshallbeappointedbythePresidentandratifiedbyamajorityvoteofthe ExecutiveBoard.




  1. The Association shall be non-commercial, nonpartisan and


  1. ThenameoftheAssociationornamesofanymembersintheirofficialcapacitiesshallnotbe used in any connection with a commercial concern, or with any partisan interest or for any purposenotappropriatelyrelatedtothepromotionoftheobjectivesofthe


  1. TheAssociationshallnotdirectlyorindirectlyendorseanypoliticalcandidateor






There will be no membership dues implemented upon the formation of the Association. The Association may institute a requirement for payment of dues to fund projects and/or cover costs of operation of the Association. Any such dues shall be determined by a majority vote by the Executive Board.




Amendments to these Bylaws shall be made at any regular or special meeting by a majority vote of the Members present, upon recommendation of the Executive Board, provided that notice of such meeting contains the proposed amendment(s) for review by the Members in advance. Such amendments shall be effective as of the date of enactment.




The Association may be dissolved with a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board and members present at the meeting; provided that the disbursement of all monies and properties must be acted upon prior to dissolution, and all liabilities and obligations of the corporation must be paid, satisfied, and discharged. Once all liabilities and obligations have been met, remainder of monies will be donated to a charitable organization chosen by a majority vote of the Executive Board; the beneficiary of any such donation must be an organization providing services in, or having a direct impact on, the Neighborhood. Any such donation will be made in the name of the Association.