The Laws of Attraction and Addison Circle

By Jody Lynn Perry

Addison Circle—whatever is that? Unlike the Isosceles triangle, it is not, strictly speaking, a mathematical concept. We do, however, have our own internet presence, complete with social media page and websites. With shops, activities and a unique ‘cocoon’ of buildings, Addison Circle also has a singular je ne sais quoi. According to the Laws of Attraction, this is, indeed, a positive attraction.

The Circle (as many locals refer to it), delights in a friendly Mayberry meets Pleasantville juxtaposition. Townhome, apartment and condo living are peppered throughout the radius of about five blocks, encompassing four parks, including a dog park, all complete with entertaining, adorable squirrels, and a variety of birds offering a bird-watchers paradise. Yet another positive attraction.

Blueprints of Addison Circle, the large and impressive modern sculpture, adds yet further distinction to this enviable oasis. The sculpture, too, has internet definition on several sites. Insofar as innovation, Blueprints of Addison Circle decidedly circles a similar orbit to the famed Guggenheim. Quite the positive, wouldn’t you agree?

And out of all this a handful of people came together to form the Addison Circle Community Association (ACCA). The ACCA meets monthly with an eye to improving life here in The Circle. We discuss, have short presentations, and schmooze with our neighbors and local businesses. Open communication leads to an abundance of positive.

Meetings are generally the third to fourth Wednesday of the month. Would you like to add to our cheerful camaraderie? Check this website for dates, times and locations of the meetings, come join us, and contribute to The Laws of Attraction in Addison Circle!

Jody Lynn Perry is a writer who hails from NYC and Santa Barbara. A long-time tree-hugger, she misses her ocean, though is blissfully content here in The Circle.

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